The Way Of The Songwriter-Singer

For as long as I can remember, music and writing have helped me to navigate who I am. I was raised in Washington state on classical and folk music. Cello was my first instrument. I picked up guitar eight years ago and it was an instant love-connection that has evolved into 500+ original songs.

Today I aspire to communicate that we have the capacity to face and feel our most difficult experiences with courage and resilience, and retain a sense of purpose, hope, and a willingness to embrace life when we might otherwise shrink away.


My girl’s gone away
Due overnight
She’ll be above golden plains by the morning light 
I can’t move an inch no it’s just too much to fight
My body’s unhinged, she’s thirty thousand high

The Mystery

We spin a heavy gold wheel
We cross our fingers and hold our breath 
Just like we did when we were little on the back of the bus 'till the tunnel would end 
Out of a dark mouth into the morning light 
Still there's a hint of relief in my sigh

I Don't Do What I Should

I want to hold you like lightening in my hands
It strikes somewhere between your heaven and my land 
Where one begins and the other one ends 
is the same place where my heart pulses and bends